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The Story So Far
The Story So Far
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The If's, What's, and But's of Anaphase

     One day in the winter of 2004, I was laying around my household (Probably playing Madden, or rubbing one out). I received a phone call from an the ever so unexpected, EJ Hays. It went a little bit like this "Uh Houde, Uh we're doing like uh a band thing uh, You in? Uh". So naturally I responded with an "Uh yeah".
     The next day I was formally acquainted with Corey McConnell. Corey and I had a musical chemistry from the start. However, I was later informed the Jew was playing bass for the band. Not exactly desirable, but I could work with it. In a few days I had written a song called Confessions of a Broken Heart. So over the course of the next few weeks, we practiced long and hard in the freezing garage of Corey's. We played our hearts out. It sucked.
     We then started getting extremely irritated with EJ due to the fact we had punched out a couple of songs and this kid was grounded until the end of eternity for his 13% in Math. But none the less, we kept playing. But then Brian started really frustrating me, he can't play bass, he can't sing, and he doesn't inhale when he smokes. Really what is this kid good for? It got to the point where everything me and Corey had accomplished was just one more thing for Brian to catch up on. Everytime we practiced, it was basically Me and Corey practicing, Brian watching.
     So at this point, I'm really mad. So me and Corey start talking about some possible changes. I say "Dude, first of all, we don't have a drummer that can play with us, and we'd be better off without Brian playing with us. We need to make some changes.". He's hesitant at first, but rightfully so. EJ, Brian, and Corey had been playing together for quite some time before I came into the band. But Corey came around and knew things needed to be changed. I said "We need to be original, there's so many local punk rock bands that I can't even count. I don't wanna go out there and just be another one of them.". Anyways, to make a long story short, we went acoustic. Here we are now, completing songs and enjoying playing whenever we feel like it and not having to round up a group of guys, who probably wont show up to practice anyways.
     Me and Corey have become good friends over the past few months. I introduced him to some people he didn't normally hang out with. And he introduced me to Marijuana. Good man.

Confessions of a Broken Heart

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