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Who Is Anaphase?


Chris Ring
Age - 15
Birthdate - June 30, 1989
Influences - Green Day, HIM
Listening To - Green Day
Favorite Movie - The Jason Series
Fav. Place To Eat - Moosehead
Likes - 4 wheeling, drumming, pussy
Dislikes - Posers, People like John Boen (wiggers)
Corey McConnell
Age - 15
Birthdate - March 21, 1989
Influences - TBS, Senses Fail, The Starting Line
Listening To - The Starting Line
Favorite Movie -  IT
Fav. Place To Eat - Ryan's Steakhouse
Likes - April
Dislikes - Everyone who assumes bad things, people with no sense of humor
Mike Houde
Age - 16
Birthdate - October 22, 1988
Influences - Dashboard Confessional, Fall Out Boy
Listening To - Howie Day
Favorite Movie - American History X
Fav. Place To Eat - Dogizzle
Likes - Marijuana, boobs, and Madden... The three essentials of life.
Dislikes - Brian, Josh's Corvette, Being broke, Brian


Confessions of a Broken Heart

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